Committee for Information Technologies

The Senate Committee for Information Technologies deals with the requirements for procuring and providing information for teaching, study, research and administration using any storage medium.
Its members are proposed by the departments, the administration and/or the Student Council and approved by the Senate. According to the constitutional order, the Vice President IT is the Chairman and the Head of the Centre for Information and Communication Technologies is the Executive Officer. To assist communication with the committee, a mailing list has been set up under the university-wide address The list contains the addresses of all members of the committee. Further information on the work of the Centre for Information and Communication Technologies (ITK) can be found on the centre's website.



  • Thomas Gast


    BereichIT Service Center
    AufgabenLeiter des IT Service Center
    Tel+49 (0) 3496 67 5413
    Fax+49 (0) 3496 67 95413
    AnschriftHochschule Anhalt
    D-06366 Köthen
    Bernburger Straße 55
    Geb. 03 - Weisses Gebäude
    Erdgeschoss, Raum 017-1

    Postfach 1458
    D-06366 Köthen


Jena Eggert