Services for interested parties within the university

  • Support for university academics in securing third-party funding and drafting funding applications and research contracts
  • Compiling, preparing and providing information on support programmes, academic events, trade fairs, etc.
  • Reporting on research activities, development potential and the university's service portfolio
  • Organisation of academic conferences, colloquies and participation in trade fair events
  • Coordinating industrial property rights work at the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences
  • Setting up and maintaining research-project and address databases
  • Supporting the work of the university's Research Committee
  • Representing the university's members in technology transfer and research funding working groups and some association

Services for interested parties from outside the university

  • Point of contact for cooperation between companies and the university
  • Information about research and development projects at the university
  • Support for funding applications for joint research projects with the university
  • Organisation and company presentations at the university
  • Managing contacts with chambers, associations, foundations, authorities and technology transfer institutions


  • Identification, safeguarding industrial property rights and utilisation of inventions at the universities of the state of Saxony-Anhalt