Research profile

In addition to teaching and academic study, research is one of the key tasks of universities. Through its activities in the field of application-oriented research and technology transfer, Anhalt University of Applied Sciences makes a noteworthy contribution to scientific, technical and economic development in the region and also uses research results in its teaching. As you would expect from the wide range of courses on offer, the professors at the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences are involved in research projects on subjects relating to many different academic fields. Thanks to this and its state-of-the-art equipment, the university is a sought-after cooperation partner for research and development projects for many companies and research institutions.

The establishment and development of the LIFE SCIENCES Competence Centre as part of the competence network for application- and transfer-oriented research (KAT), and of the Center of Life Sciences, represented an important step in terms of raising the institution's profile and concentrating on key areas of focus.

The Center of Life Sciences, founded as an interdepartmental and inter-site research institute, provides the means for interdisciplinary processing of even complex research.

The research profile of the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences is defined by the

  • LIFE SCIENCES key competence area

and the other key research areas

  • Renewable Energy Sources
  • Engineering Sciences
  • Architecture and Design
  • Economics
  • E-learning

The research potential of the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences is augmented by the capacities of the 12 affiliated institutes linked to the university by cooperation agreements.