Fields of activity

Activities of our members in the following fields:


  • technologies for waste water treatment and recycling
  • technologies for air purification and exhaust air treatment
  • technologies for disinfecting water and drinking water
  • removal of pharmaceutical residues from waste water
  • easy-to-clean and antimicrobial surfaces
  • catalysts for environmental applications und sensors
  • inline measuring methods for environmental analysis and biotechnology


Network activities:

Besides supporting engineering activities (as mentioned above), we aim to support a future-orientated and interdisciplinary exchange between engineering/ research and social sciences.

What else we do ...

... organization of workshops /symposiums for associated topics
... network presentations at trade fairs (NanoEurope, POLEKO, ACHEMA)
... initiation and implementation of national and international projects (BMBF, RP7)
... active support of building a European platform on
    "Removal of pharmaceutical residues from waste water"