Mission Innovation. Research at the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences

Alongside its educational activities, the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences has dedicated itself very intensively from the outset to the application-oriented research and development tasks assigned to it in the state's Higher Education Act and has developed into a key academic centre in the Anhalt region. Its staff capacities and cutting-edge equipment provide a sound basis for applied research. This research not only supports continual development of academic fields, but is also increasingly used for innovations in small and medium-sized companies in the region. The forms of cooperation are manifold and range from student work placements and addressing issues as part of Bachelor's or Master's theses to research contracts and joint research projects. Federal national and state support programmes are used intensively and offer invaluable help for research cooperation with companies. The university is committed to a whole range of cooperation associations, networks and clusters. Of particular note is the close cooperation with other universities as part of the competence network for applied and transfer-oriented research (KAT). The establishment and development of the LIFE SCIENCES KAT Competence Centre at the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences represented an important step in terms of raising the institution's profile and concentrating on key areas of application-oriented research.

With its research projects that are almost exclusively financed by attracting third-party funding, the university also makes an important contribution to creating highly qualified jobs. Since 2000, there has been a clear increase in third-party funding that reached a level of around €3.47 million in 2007. In addition to handling research projects, intensive scientific work is also carried out at other levels within the departments. This is demonstrated in particular by publications and talks at scientific conferences and congresses.