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Business Law

The economy only works within a binding legal framework – well-trained experts in economic law are indispensable. This course of study teaches specialised knowledge and the latest findings from all areas of law relevant to the economy. In the international context, it also deals with the basic principles of business administration and national economics. This is where analytical skills, social skills and managerial abilities count. The professional opportunities after the degree are as varied as the business world: in addition to work in the legal and commercial area, graduates can also pursue alternative paths. Thanks to their broad training in law and economics, students qualify for classical business administration positions. A further option is a consecutive Master’s course which provides further depth.

ExamBachelor of Laws
RequirementsUniversity-entrance diploma (Abitur, Matura, A-Level or equivalent),
German Fachhochschulreife or Fachabitur,
Master craftsman qualification,
or other previous education recognised as equivalent
Course duration6 Semester (180 Credits)
Start of the courseWintersemester
Major fields of study
  • Functional focus (labour and social legislation)
  • Sectoral focus (banking and insurance legiaslation)
  • International focus (international business relations)
Course website
NotesNo restrictions on admissions
Application deadline: 15 September
AccreditationDegree course accredited by FIBAA bis 2020
Department2 - Economics
Academic subject adviserProf. Dr. Zümrüt Gülbay-Peischard
Prüfungs- und Studienordnung50_BA_WRE_PSO_2012_SAE_2013_16.pdf
StudiengangsflyerBusiness Law.pdf
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