Master Courses Department Agriculture, Ecotrophology and Landscaping

ArchitectureMaster of Arts4 Application deadline: 15 September
Design ResearchMaster of Science2 Course told in English
Application deadline: 15 April
Aptitude assessment
Dessau International ArchitectureMaster of Arts4 Study course told in English language
Aptitude examination
Application deadline: 15 June
Facility and Property ManagementMaster of Science4 Application deadline: 15 September
Geographic Infomation SystemsMaster of Engineering5 Career-integrated online course
Application deadline: 1 July
Membrane Structures (distance)Master of Engineering4 Application deadline: 15 January
The course starts four weeks before the regular summer term.
Tuition fees Contact:
Heike Kleine
Executive Assistant/Management Study Programs
Phone: +49 340 5197 3745
Fax: +49 340 5197 3733
Monument ConservationMaster of Science4 Joint degree course in cooperation with Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg
Applications please only to MLU Halle-Wittenberg, Abt. 1, Immatrikulationsamt, 06099 Halle, Germany
Monumental HeritageMaster of Arts4 Course language: English Application: 15. January and 15. July
Surveying and GeoinformaticsMaster of Engineering3 Application deadline for the summer term 15 March
Application deadline for the winter term: 15 September